Standing in the Eye of the Storm

The storm raging around this beautiful young lady during her maternity session could not have been more perfect. Becoming a mother taught her to stand strong in her faith... to stay in the eye of the storm and allow Him to do his work!

When I look at these images I remember all that my daughter went through at such a young and tender age.  When we arrived at the beach the wind and rain was whipping wildly around us.  I thought... how perfect!  Becoming a mom will give you the strength to overcome obstacles that you never dreamt possible.  Standing strong in the eye of life's storms is the most valuable lesson this beautiful young momma has learned.  Having to exercise her faith allowed her to let go and lean on Him. She was able to remain focused on her responsibilities while He aligned everthing for her! Both, her faith and confidence were strengthened through her struggles. Our hope is when others view these photos that they are encouraged to exercise their faith by choosing to STAND IN THE EYE OF THE STORM.   Although Capturing these images was quite a challenge, it was well worth it.  I owe the success of these images to one of my best friends, Stacey Hasty at Stacey Anjanette Photography. Thank you my friend for your hard work and dedication in capturing these breathtaking images and weathering the storm. 

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