Do you feel like you've lost touch with the woman in you? Do you feel bad about the way your body looks? I could go into great detail about everything a woman can point out that is wrong but that's not what this movement is about!  You see, I've started a project called.... Intimacy "Into Me I See" to inspire women to take some time out for themselves, to reconnect or maybe even connect for the first time with her true self as a woman.  Through my passion for photography, I'm inspiring women to tap into the most intimate part of themselves, to nurture the woman in them, to feel beautiful inside and out.  When we start appreciating who we are everything changes.  Appreciation is the key.  If we want our bodies or anything else for that matter to improve, we must love ourselves just the way we are.  Then and only then will we take the time to nurture ourselves by feeding our minds, bodies, and souls what we need to thrive. Simply put, our souls begin to heal.  Once our souls heal, everything else follows.

     Danielle is one of the first women to help me kick off the Intimacy "Into Me I See" Project.  We've been friends for a long time.  I've seen her struggle with her body image like many other women I know, including myself.  She worked really hard to get into great shape and then "fell off" as she calls it. So, I knew she would be reluctant to say yes.  I just knew she would say she had to get back in the gym first but I took my chances.  

     Here's what Danielle had to say about her experience.  "When Sonia approached me to do this shoot for her, my first thought was... NOPE! Not me!  I'm not the right person for this.  I quickly remembered exactly the kind of person Sonia was... that she would only have me do what I felt comfortable doing and wouldn't push me to do anything more.   So, I said, "Sure! Ok."  I stood in the mirror a few days before... nervous, scared, emotionally distraught thinking.....I'm not in shape, my legs look nasty, cellulite... gag me, who will look at these pictures and say... I can't believe she let her post these, look at her... she is not model material.  But I rolled with it anyway.  Large Margarita in hand... hoping to ease the nerves (it didn't even give me a buzz), then out we went.  I have never felt so comfortable in my life! Sonia, not only took the time to help me breathe properly and to relax (even if I couldn't remember how to at times haha) but she made sure I felt comfortable.  She has this way about her that calms you down in the most stressful, tense, uncomfortable situations.  We laughed, we freaked out, I may have been scared at times, but when it was all said and done, we had a blast!  Home to Houston I went.  When she sent me the link to view the pictures..... I was in complete AWE! How could someone make me....cellulite thick leg Danielle, feel absolutely beautiful inside and out?  Everything about this photo shoot has brought out a different side of me.  I still feel like I need to work on me, my body, just because I'm so hard on myself at times... but overall, I look back at these pictures and think..... WOW! She did it!! No makeup (other than mascara and eyeliner) hair a mess, and bare minimum clothing that I would allow in public and to be posted. But I have to say, she captured my beauty inside and out.  Thank you, Sonia Rene'!"

Mission accomplished!!! If you are interested in being a part of the Intimacy "Into Me I see" Project, simply message me at

All you need is a man's shirt, to be willing, and to simply share your experience with me for my blog and website.  Oh, and of course allow me to post some pics! It's time to Rendezvous in the Deliciousness of Life!!

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