Phyllis Stanford is an entrepreneur that is intentional about uplifting both men and women to be all that they can be. She encourages everyone to be their own unique being. Check out her story at Terrable Woman on FB and Instagram

Phyllis Stanford is a close friend and fellow female entrepreneur aka TERRABLE WOMAN. I had the honor of not only photographing her, but of truly capturing her soul. I was so inspired by her energy and outlook on life.  A major shift occurred in me during this shoot.  I plan to document this somehow.... Maybe even collaborating on a book with her.  Terrable Woman has an incredible story and message.  Her story can be read on her social media sites on fb and instagram. Watchout for her book that is coming soon! She has overcome so much including cancer.  This Terrable Woman loves to inspire, uplift, and empower everyone that she meets.  Her smile is beautiful and her laugh is contagious.  Remember to check her out on her social media sites, share her page and help her message reach others.  How do I know how awesome she is? Because she has accomplished something that fills my heart and I am forever appreciative for.   You see, Phyllis sees the beauty in everyone.. This Terrable Woman inpsired my son to find his passion again and pursue it. Music has been his voice, outlet, and even therapy. Thanks to her inspiring him, he is pursuing his joy and passion.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Terrable Phylls! Rock on!!  

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