Sonia Rene'..... that's me! Photography is my true passion.  It sets my soul on fire.  When I look through my lens, I'm not just taking pictures, I'm freezing a special moment in time that you can truly feel each time you reflect upon the image.  Imagine feeling as if you were there in that beautiful moment all over again.  

I love shooting outdoors and finding the natural light because the most beautiful images evolve from allowing the light to determine the session.  There is an eagerness in me to capture all of the precious moments possible for you and your loved ones to cherish and revel in for years to come.  Uplifting others and adding value to everyone and everything in my experience is important to me.  My motto is "Rendezvous in the deliciousness of life".  Life is the most precious gift each of us have been given.  I am being intentional about mine and deliberately creating it to be all that I can imagine.  I encourage you and hope to inspire you to do the same. Finding aspects to appreciate in every situation and everyone is a blessing and it brings us more blessings.  During a photo session with me, you will experience comfort and ease allowing the images to reflect the true beauty and essence of you, along with the emotion which is what makes a photograph come alive.  I will encourage and allow you to JUST BE... while I move around and capture you like never before.  Thank you for trusting me with your special moments.  My promise to you is to deliver images full of all of the emotion you and your loved ones expressed during your session leaving you eager to view your images and with ultimate satisfaction.  I am eager to co create with you and to capture your rendezvous in the deliciousness of life.